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Our Managed Services help you drive IT operational excellence, and consequently, achieve better business outcomes without overshooting budgets.

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Cost Control & Security At The Core

Cost Control

We control IT operational costs by optimizing resource utilization, tracking all the resources in your environments, and regularly auditing your environments.

We use the insights gained at every point to control costs and ensure predictability, eliminating the chances of overspending and surprising cloud bills.


We ensure your IT security is robust, help you achieve regulatory compliance, and get certified.

Your IT security is essential to gain your customers' trust — a currency hard-earned and necessary for continued revenue growth.

We stay on top of best practices, test your environments using extensive VAPT techniques, and help you mitigate ongoing attacks in real-time.

Battle-tested Architects At Your Service

When your business grows, customers need new features and capabilities, or black-swan events like pandemics occur, your existing application architectures could require drastic changes — or even re-architecting entirely — to achieve business outcomes timely and effectively within budgets.

Some organizations might be fortunate to have in-house architects who can help, but many don’t have this flexibility — and the risk of inefficiency in this regard can threaten to leave your organizations behind competitors.

Our architects are certified in industry-renowned certification across multi-cloud platforms: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, among others. And we have thousands of hours of experience in dealing with highly stressful, demanding situations to deliver excellent results.

Reduce the Burden of Hiring, Training, and Retaining

Maintaining an in-house team of IT Ops engineers and architects is a complex process. Often, finding the right hires can be a daunting task. And retaining the top talent in a highly demanding, competitive IT market can test the boundaries of your planned budgets.

We ourselves deal with these problems regularly and balance hiring and talent risks with our decades of combined experience, proven processes and HR frameworks, and a loyal network of IT professionals.

While you could not entirely eliminate the complexity of attracting, managing, and retaining IT professionals, we can help you maintain cost predictability and manage IT operations within allocated budgets.

Not Ready Yet?

We understand that choosing an MSP path to outsource your IT Ops is a big decision that can significantly affect your organization’s future — positively or negatively.

We would suggest you start small with us, progress forward step by step and entrust us with more IT Ops responsibilities as we demonstrate our dependability, deep technical know-how, accountability, and transparency.

A good starting point for you is to engage with our Consulting Services to understand our capabilities and the invaluable expertise we deliver at the architecture, security, and cost-optimizing fronts.

About our Consulting Services

Our Clients Feedback

“They went the extra mile to migrate our workloads”

We partnered with a large enterprise that wanted us to build its supply chain analytics platform on Azure. However, we needed a third-party partner to help us with DevOps and CloudOps capabilities. ExclCloud went the extra mile to migrate our Azure workloads from CSP to Enterprise Account. ExclCloud reliably performs cost-effective monitoring and provides operational support across our workloads in AWS and Azure.

It enabled us to deliver a 15-minute service level for mission-critical data pipelines across nine markets and various time zones. ExclCloud stepped up every time we needed it and helped us save costs by 30% through efficient cloud resource management.

Aashish Singhvi
CEO, DvSum

“Appreciate their responsiveness & automation skills”

We’ve partnered with ExclCloud to provide Cloud Consulting and Managed Services to our customers. ExclCloud team holds vast expertise in DevOps and Managed Services. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and automation skills. They have helped us reducing the cloud spend by employing the right use of services. We will definitely recommend ExclCloud to others for their impressive services.

Nikhil Patil
CTO, Infiny

“They are well proficient with application observability”

ExclCloud helped us to migrate our client’s application to cloud native platform on AWS along with implementing all security compliance standards (PCI, ISO, PCDSS, SOC II). Team at ExclCloud reduced the overall infrastructure cost and enhanced application efficiency. They are well proficient with application observability and meeting the SLA’s. I’m glad to have ExclCloud as a Partner for SnapWork.

Deepak Nihalani
Co Founder, SnapWork

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