Microservices Platform for German based Retailer

Business Impact


Time for deployments has been reduced


Reduction in downtime for deployments

Key Facts

German based Electronics retail company

E-Commerce sales channel

About The Customer

Headquartered in the United States, the Client is an industry-leading HealthTech data & analytics company that aims to connect all stakeholders of the workers’ compensation ecosystem. Through its platform, the client enables better & efficient management of claims while proactively offering injury prevention, treatment, and work readiness solutions for its end customer.


The challenge was to break down big monolithic E-Commerce system to smaller well defined parts. These parts had to be realized as microservices.

Design a cost effective, secure, highly available and scalable architecture for the application on GCP Cloud

Technologies Used

GCP Cloud


Reduction of time to market. By not having to deploy the whole system for new features the time to market had been decreased drastically for new features. Standardization of environments for all stages. Easily able to scale application during peak hours. End to end monitoring and log management setup

Technical Architecture for DevOps infrastructure based on Open Source. Establish automated CI/CD pipelines throughout multiple stages Automation of various standard processes and enablement for operations teams to use them.

Enablement for operations teams to operate and maintain the DevOps infrastructure. End to end monitoring and Log management setup using AppDynamics and ELK Stack.


ExclCloud defined the technical architecture and tooling for a DevOps environment. We delivered a stable, easy to operate and modern infrastructure consisting of containerized components using modern Open Source technology.

ExclCloud worked with customers development team and was able to split up the monolithic system to smaller well defined parts and thereby increased its stability. automated provisioning of new Infra through Terraform, automated monitoring through AppDynamics and log management through ELK Stack.

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