Cost Optimization Strategy for India Based Cafe Chain

Business Impact


in estimated savings



Reduced latency

between Database and Application

Key Facts

Location - Bengaluru

Industry - Cafe Chain & Indian Based Tea Company

About The Customer

Headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka State, India. The Cafe chain has presence in eight Indian cities with presence across retail locations, airports, and business parks. In addition to physical format stores, the chain has a delivery service brand and a vending kiosk based solution focused primarily at IT Tech parks.


To reduce the operations cost and enhance the application hosted on Cloud

Technologies Used

AWS Cloud


Implemented the processes to identify resource waste

  • Identified Amazon EBS volumes with low-utilization and reduced the cost by snapshotting then deleting them
  • Reviewed networking and archived the older VPC Flow Logs
  • Moving the application logs to S3 bucket and Glacier
  • Changed the ELB scheme from Internet facing to Internal with VPC to avoid Data Transfer charges

Matching the Capacity with Demand

  • Identified the Amazon EC2 instances with low-utilization and reduced the cost by stopping or rightsizing

Choose the Right Pricing Models

  • Used Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to reduce the EC2 costs


ExclCloud reduced the cloud cost by upto 40% and made sure the infrastructure was enhanced within the few months the customer was on board, Resulting in smooth cloud operations and enhanced application which in turn provided higher customer satisfaction and greater customer retention for the cafe chain.

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