Achieved Zero Downtimes with Proactive Monitoring & Alerting

Business Impact


Reduction in Downtime

Upto 30%

Cloud Cost Optimized

Key Facts

Location - California, USA

Industry - Business Intelligence

About The Customer

A cloud based data intelligence platform helping data and analytics team to simplify their work. Built with powerful AI-enabled algorithms, Which helps the data to automatically convert into an actionable catalog.


Minimize the cost on under utilized resources

To reduce the downtimes on production environments

Technologies Used



Implemented Monitoring & Alerting Solutions

  • To reduce downtimes on Production Environment
  • To get more clarity on performance bottlenecks
  • Right sizing the environment using collected data for enhanced performance
  • Automatically discover the metrics and usage of resources

Matching the Capacity with Demand

  • Identified the Amazon EC2 instances with low-utilization and reduced the cost by stopping or rightsizing

Proactive Resolution

  • Act upon Instant alerts to reduce sudden bottlenecks in the Infrastructure


ExclCloud reduced the bottlenecks on Infrastructure by proactive alerting and monitoring and made sure the infrastructure was enhanced and available for business continuity without any hassles, Resulting in smooth cloud operations and up-to 30% savings on cloud cost.

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